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We believe that your success is our success. If your organization currently uses tedious, inefficient and error-prone manual document generation processes you can benefit from transforming these documents into streamlined, efficient automated document templates systems that greatly reduce errors and increase productivity.

Consultation & Design Strategy

Determine underlying structure of document to design business logic. Define data needs for interview & template.

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The first part of automating your PDF form or Word document is determining its underlying structure. We will work with you to apply business rules to the document’s inherent structure. Once the business logic of your document has been determined, the template designer will be able to define what data needs to be gathered and under what conditions. This data will drive the questions that will be asked in an interview made up of simple, interactive and conditional forms.

Automated Template Conversion

Transform document into fully automated template together with interactive interview.

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After the interview has been programmed, the template designer is ready to transform your document into a fully automated template. This template will be used in conjunction with a completed interview to generate customer specific documents. A single interview can be used to generate any number of documents that use the same or similar pieces of information. This eliminates the need for repetitive manual entry of data points and reduces time spent creating multiple documents from days to minutes.

Installation & Implementation

Install HotDocs & system files on internal network or on HotDocs cloud environment for online delivery & storage.

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Once the document and interview have been automated, we will install HotDocs and all the applicable system files on your internal network. Alternatively, we can help you set-up your program files on HotDocs’ cloud environment for online document delivery and storage.

User Training

Train end users to generate automated documents using HotDocs program.


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After installation and implementation, we can train your end users to use the HotDocs program for seamless and efficient document generation. We can either do the training remotely or in person, whatever works best for your organization.

Ongoing Maintenance

Consultants can be available for ongoing maintenance & support.


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Our consultants can be available on-going maintenance and support at varying levels of service.

Workflow Solutions

Improve organizational workflow with information gathering and document assembly across various departments of your organization.

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If you would like consulting for your organization’s workflow as it relates to information gathering and document assembly across the various departments of your organization, we can help. We can come alongside you to create separate interviews and documents that replicate the process your organization follows to on-board new customers, sell new features, maintain current documentation or whatever applies to your particular circumstance.

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